Teacher Auction 2021

 Lake Ridge Elementary Teacher Auction will be starting soon. Bidding will open on May 17, 2021, at 06:00 PM CDT and close on May 18, 2021, at 07:00 PM CDT.

Anyone with a link to your online auction can view it without having an account.  An account is only needed in order to bid. The process is quick and very little information is required as you can see on the Create An Account page. Requiring an account for bidding makes it easy for auction administrators to identify and communicate with bidders during and after the auction.

Please check your inbox, spam, or junk folder if you did not receive the approval email. 

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For each auction item, you have the option of bidding,
direct purchase at a Buy Now price, or both. 

Bidding only: There is a starting bid amount and a minimum bid increment. 
For Participants:
To modify your leading bid:
  1. Log into your participant account.
  2. View the item page which displays your current leading bid.
  3. Enter your new bid amount.
  4. Select the bid type.
  5. Click the Update My Bid button.

If you selected the Exact bid, the current selling price of the item will be increased to the new exact bid amount. If you selected a Proxy bid, the current selling price of the item will not change. This allows you to increase or decrease your maximum proxy bid amount without changing the current selling price.

To increase your total quantity purchased:
  1. Log into your participant account.
  2. View the item page which displays the total quantity you've already purchased.
  3. Select the additional quantity you're purchasing.
  4. Click the Buy Now button.
  5. You'll see a line item on your invoice for each purchase.
Buy Now Only:

The item will only have a Buy Now button and will not allow bidding.

Bidding + Buy Now:

An item can allow both bidding and direct purchase at a Buy Now price. The Buy Now option will be available on the item until bidding reaches or exceeds the Buy Now price

All 32auctions participants should receive an email when they are outbid. You'll receive the outbid email only if your bid is the leading bid and then someone outbids you. You should also receive an email when you submit a bid that confirms your bid and lets you know if you're the leading bidder.

Have you received bid confirmation emails? If your email application uses a filter or spam blocker and is picking up the emails we send, you may want to check your spam or junk folder for the emails. Also, it's probably worthwhile adding noreply@32auctions.com to your address book to ensure you receive emails from us. All messages sent from our system come from that email address.


All Bidding Activity:

To be notified of all bidding activity on an item, add the item to your Watchlist by clicking the heart on the item so it turns pink. You can view the items which are in your Watchlist by clicking the heart button on the auction bar (next to the Search box).

Anytime the system receives 2 bids that are the same, the first bid entered into the system wins. 

How does Extended Bidding work?

If an item receives a bid during the final 3 minutes of the auction, the item end time will be extended to allow for 3 additional minutes of bidding. This process repeats until no new bids are received during the final 3 minutes of the item bidding window or the auction has been extended for a maximum of 30 minutes beyond the original end time. When an auction is extended, you'll see Extended Bidding messages displayed throughout the auction with a link for easily viewing all of the extended items.

Here's an example of how the end time of an item may be extended in an auction which is set up to end at 8:00 PM:

Bidder Bid Entered At Item End Time
Bob 7:55 PM 8:00 PM
Mary 7:57 PM 8:00 PM
Bob 7:58 PM 8:03 PM*
Mary 8:02 PM 8:05 PM*
Bob 8:03 PM 8:06 PM*
Mary 8:05 PM 8:08 PM

In this example, Mary was selected as the winning bidder at 8:08 PM because no more bids were entered after her bid at 8:05 PM. If additional bids had been entered, the item end time would've continued being extended for up to a maximum of 30 minutes beyond the original end time of 8:00 PM. This means this item could've been extended to as late as 8:30 PM.

How can I tell if an item can be extended?

All items which can be extended will have a message above the bidding box that indicates the item allows for extended bidding. After the auction ends, only items that were extended will have a message indicating the item end time had been extended.

The system sends winning bidder notifications that contain a link to the winning bidder's invoice page. Invoices display the items won, the winning bid amounts, the total amount due, and a payment button. Winning bidders can click the payment button to pay with a credit card, debit card, PayPal account.

All purchases will be verified by PTA.