The President is elected as the presiding officer and leads the PTA in cooperation with the other members of the executive board.
The Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of all association proceedings.
The Parliamentarian advises the board of directors and members on matters of parliamentary procedure, and serves as a consultant, especially in a meeting, where only the chair has the authority to rule on questions of the order or to answer parliamentary inquiries.
The VP President tasked with recruiting members plays an important role in the success of the PTA because a growing and engaged membership is the lifeblood of any PTA, and is the foundation of achieving our mission to make every child's potential a reality.
The Treasurer is the authorized custodian of the funds of the association and receives and disburses all monies in accordance with the budget as approved by the association membership.
The Committees a variety of programs for parents, students, and educators to empower them with knowledge and new skills while building a sense of community within the school.
Current Committees:
Little PTA 
All-Pro Dads

Board Memeber Intake 

New leaders are asked to register themselves through Texas PTA's easy-to-use form here
For more information regarding submitting bard member information click here

Why I PTA? 

I can't believe the reactions from people when I tell them I volunteered to be the PTA President at my son's elementary school.

"Why in the world would you volunteer for the PTA?!"

I actually planned to become the president of our school's PTA. But it was the phone conversation with the former PTA President and the passion she had for PTA, that made me say, YES.  

So I do have a bit of trouble saying no when I know my help is needed. Especially when it benefits my child and the scholars of LRE -- and especially so when it benefits their education!

Let's be real, the PTA has surrounded by misinformation, and it has not been easy with the pandemic. Maybe you think it's just a bunch of stay-at-home moms with nothing else to do. But I'm inclined to believe most of these thoughts come from a lack of education on what the PTA actually does.

Well, I want to debunk the myths and tell you why I said YES to PTA. 

1) Funds raised by the PTA support our school DIRECTLY.
Amounts and programs are different for individual schools. But the money raised by the PTA pays for MANY of the events and activities your children enjoy on a weekly basis. With this being an abnormal year, we focused more on supporting our teachers and letting them know that they were appreciated.

2) PTA membership fees are one of the most inexpensive items you'll buy all year to support your scholar's school. 
A portion of your membership fee helps your children have a better, more well-rounded school experience. Supplemental items and special events are funded using PTA funds.

3) You don't have to volunteer for every single event, but I promise you will have fun!!
I understand you work a zillion hours a week. I understand your job is a commute and you're not close to the school. I understand you have to find a babysitter for your younger children. Guess what? PTA membership doesn't mean you have to volunteer AT ALL. You can choose to support with membership and that's it! You're done! Or you can look at the PTA-sponsored event calendar and decide that something sounds interesting. There are so many events throughout the school year I promise you will have a great time!

4) Change things instead of complaining about them.
One of the reasons I volunteered is because I have ideas on how we can make our fundraisers better. Now instead of complaining about it, I had the ability to suggest changes and make them happen. By being positive and influential, we were able to add new events and programs to our school and teach our children how to be stronger leaders. 

As this year comes to an end, I'm asking you to think about joining the PTA and experiencing the benefits. It's election season and I want to encourage moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles, and anyone else concerned with the quality of our scholars' education to step up to the plate and take part in the PTA! As a member, volunteer, and leader! 
Because the race to excellence has no finish line!!! 


July 30 - August 1, 2021
The Gaylord Texan, Grapevine

LAUNCH 2021 will be held in person at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine with a virtual option.


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