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We invite every parent, teacher, and neighbor to join with PTA, as we work to make Lake Ridge Elementary the best it can be for our students...

The easiest way to become involved in your child's educational experience is to have a voice. The Lake Ridge PTA is that voice along with the voices of our teachers. It allows you to be a part of all decisions affecting programs currently being funded by the PTA  at Lake Ridge Elementary. 

For only $7 per member, you can have an important vote, and you are entitled to the Membership Perks. Dues support the PTA and its numerous programs. 
Becoming a member is easy! Join us! 

With Your PTA Membership:
You show your children that school matters, and that you are invested in their success. 
You demonstrate to your child that success in school is the pathway to college, a career,and productive life!
You partner with the principal , teachers, and staff  to make your child's school safe, welcoming,  a hub of learning , and a fun place to be. 
You connect with other parents and become part of Texas PTA and National PTA , the largest and most powerful childern's advocacy organization in the country.
You help make sure parents and family members' voices are heard when school made . 
Teachers, Staff, and Administrators 
Why Join?
Harnessing the Power of Volunteers:
Shrinking budgets, increasing class sizes. Government mandates. The challenges of delivering quality education are daunting. There is help. It's the PTA 
PTA Benefit Everyone
PTA addresses issues that are important to parents and public school administrators. We fight for funding, quality teachers, and capabilities for schools to thrive. Your membership is supported by a national structure.

Staff Membership is a powerful example to set for Parents:
Not only is the full staff membership in the PTA awarded the Golden Apple Award, it is a convincing and powerful message to send to the parents and families of your school that the staff is fully committed not only to the students of the school but to the inclusion of the family members of those students as part of the educational process. 

Teacher you can join today by clicking here.
Community Members Needed 
Why Join?
Community Members and Sponsors are vital to the growth and helps power key programs and services for Lake Ridge Elementary. 

Community memberships generally mean an individiual joining on a local level, on a campus where they do not curently have a studnet enrolled and are not employed.

There are two different ways the Lake Ridge Elementary PTA invite businesses to become community members, either through a Community Member Collection or as a Community Connection Sponosor

With either choice, your business demonstrates its commitment to improving the life and education of every child enrolled in Lake Ridge Elementary and plays a vital role in supporting the work PTA does for children. 

For more infomation please email our Membership VP: 
PTA creates
...the village that helps to raise our kids and strengthen our community. 
PTA hosts fun, educational clubs, programs, and events for our families. 
PTA supports school safety and STEM (scienscience, technology, engineering , math) initiatives. 
Our PTA  is part of the National PTA, a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization, and serves the Lake Ridge Elementary for Academics, Arts, and Advocacy. 
***All donations made are tax-deductible. ****

One School. One Nation.
One Love.

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